Monday, May 01, 2006

Wendy Wootton, interviewed by moi

I recently interviewed Wendy Wootton, AKA Portia da Costa, on behalf of the Erotic Authors Association. I'm sure you'll enjoy reading about Wendy's extensive backlist and her secret influences. You can read the interview HERE.


Jordan Summers said...

Great interview! I didn't realize Wendy had so many names. *g*

Saskia Walker said...

Thanks, Jordan. :) When I met Wendy and she started telling me about her writing background and her influences, I was fascinated. I was so glad to be able to interview her on behalf of the EAA.

Sasha said...

I loved the interview! I have to say I agree with Wendy abtouthe US thinking that erotica is so it's one of the misconceptions I try so hard to break.

Great stuff. Thanks fro the link!!

Saskia Walker said...

Glad you enjoyed it!

Re erotica being's weird, isn't it. Looking at the string of articles generated from media interest in this "new" women's genre, they pretty much all leave out labels Red Sage and Black Lace. It's basically down to whoever is feeding the info for the article wanting to be seen as the pioneer. /;-) BL and RS were the womens erotica/erotic romance pioneers. And authors like Susan Johnson have been writing steam for women, for years. We could argue the case for women's short story anthologies, too, (like the Herotica series, or Lonnie Barbach's books,) but I suppose any publicity on the topic is good publicity, even if it's factually incorrect. ;-)