Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Publisher's marketplace (big grin!)

Fiction: Women's/Romance
Sasha White and Saskia Walker's KINK, an erotic anthology, featuring White's WATCH ME about a married woman, her exhibitionism, and the husband who catches her at it, along with Walker's SEX, LIES, AND BONDAGE TAPE, in which a backstage media secret leads to sex games, to Kate Seaver at Berkley Heat, by Roberta Brown at Brown Literary Agency (world).

I used to read these things and never thought I'd see my name there, so if you're aspiring, it can happen, just keep at it. Submit, submit, submit! :-)


Jordan Summers said...

Congratulations! It somehow makes it all 'real', doesn't it? ;-)

raine said...

Now THAT'S a thrill!
Congratulations, Saskia! :-D

ZaZa said...

You're in the bigtime, kiddo! Hugs

wendywoo said...

That is so cool!

I wish we had something like PM over here. I don't think they bother announcing erotica deals in The Bookseller. Not quite pukka, you know, old fruit! ;)

Sharon J said...


Just a quick question. I just looked at your wordmeters. How on earth do you manage to write several stories at once?

~Sharon J

Saskia Walker said...

Wendy ~ yes it's a shame there's nothing equivalent, or maybe it's that UK agent sales should go in there too..? Not sure what the deal is. It is important though. Sasha and I share the same agent and she already had an enquiry from a distant land re buying translation rights for KINK, so it really does impact!

Sharon ~ A couple of years back I would have balked at the idea of working on more than one project at a time. It happened by chance. I reached a wall with a project and started on a short story to get away. Surprisingly, I found it reinvigorated me for the original too. Kind of like the old saying "a change is as good as a rest."

Now I always have at least one short going in the background to swap over to, if things aren't moving. It's always one major project and shorts in the background, though, I couldn't work on two long projects at once. I keep the short stories on a laptop pc so by having things in different places/rooms it also helps me move about. I tend to work on the shorts in the evening too. Lots of little tricks to keep me going ;-)

Thanks for all the congrats messages!! Much appreciated!!!

wendywoo said...

Not to worry, my books go to plenty of foreign parts even *without* any exposure in PM! :)

That is a very good ruse about working on a short to refresh yourself for the longer work. And the working on something else on your laptop... I could use my Dana!