Friday, March 03, 2006

FUN link

This fun link courtesy of the dashing Wenlock. Check out your name, or your character names, for sluttiness on the slut-o-meter! Much fun had. And the slutiest name of all in my repertoire was my own. Saskia Walker came in at a whopping 92.9% slutty. What a NAUGHTY slutty lady I am! >:-)


ZaZa said...

I think you broke it with your slutty self. I get the same answer no matter what name I put in, i.e., single digit slutty. C'mon, I mean, ZaZa La Marr???

Saskia Walker said...

LOL The Man of the House came up with negative promiscuity, bless ;-) It's based on how many people have done a google search for the name with unsafe settings on their pc, so perhaps it's just because your site is Zaz not ZaZa..? If you look at the figures it gives you (ie after the percentage) that's the *really* interesting part LOL