Saturday, March 18, 2006

Progress, and fun with beer

March is flying by, and I’ve got so much to do in the next couple of weeks! Eeeek. I'm trying not to panic! ;-) Yesterday I was mostly editing and proofing stuff that's already sold. Back to new stuff today.

Hope you all had a great St Patrick’s day! I had a quiet one, while the Man of the House was out with two old work mates he meets up with on St Pats every year.

Had a great time at the opening night of the Beer festival on Thursday. No Summer Lightning or Witches Brew (awwwww) so I had Moorhouses Black Cat and then some rather splendid Perry from Barkers. Made out like a bandit on the tombola. LOL Bought five tickets got three winners: a bar towel and a pump clip (suggestions for alternative uses on a postcard please) and best of all, a T-shirt in my size. The tombola man handed it over and it had “Harvest Moon” emblazoned all over it. I was made up. Since the new sale to Juno my mind has been filled with moon rituals and female power, so it felt very apt and fortuitous. :-) I shall be wearing it for luck when I’m writing it during May.

When we had a closer look we discovered it’s from a small brewery in New Jersey. We checked the stand that keeps the bottled beers from around the world, but couldn’t locate the beer, alas. Maybe tonight. The grand finale of the festival is tonight so we’re venturing back (to do our bit for CAMRA lol) and sometimes they have different beers out.

The Man of House only won one item on the tombola, and was rather disappointed with his half pint tankard from the 1989 beer festival…until I got it home and pointed out the novelty nudey couple depicted on the front, he cheered up muchly after that. Tut! ;-)

Have a great weekend all.


wendywoo said...

Sounds like you had a jolly time at the Beer Festival. Himself tried a blonde bitter last night, but he wasn't all that taken with it. I had a sip and it tasted sort of flowery and rather sweet. V. strange stuff.

Saskia Walker said...

I wonder if it was Blond Witch from Moorhouse...I've had that one and it's a good ale, in fact I stuck to it at last years Festival. Anything with "witch" in the title draws me LOL