Wednesday, March 08, 2006


HELL YES. (laughing!) My first print novel is now listed on Amazon, what a sight. And, you know what, I think this deserves a celebration.. (any excuse ;-)


ZaZa said...

If this doesn't qualify after all you're hard work, I don't know what does.

Hey, now you're eligible for that thing where you can sell short stories, and that plog thing, too. Gonna do it?

Jordan Summers said...


wendywoo said...

This is so mega! I'm champing at the bit to read this book!

You're gonna be a big star, buddy! :)

raine said...

Have some champs for me, Saskia! ;-)

Sasha said...


It's so damn awesome to see your name up there isn't it??


Saskia Walker said...

Thanks all! As you might have gathered, we celebrate everything around here ;-)

Zaz ~ not sure about Amazon now. Sylvia Day pointed out the pitfall of the plog thing. (Amazon "owns" anything you post on there.) I think Alison Tyler is using hers cleverly, though. As for shorts, I'm undecided. I'd like to see a few other erotic authors doing it first ;-)