Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Article on erotic fiction

I purloined this link from Marilyn Jaye Lewis. If you write erotica/erotic romance, there's a verrry interesting article on the subject in the Toronto Star. Read it HERE! Lots of food for thought.


wendywoo said...

What an excellent article! Thanks for posting the link...

Was especially struck by those 'dos and don'ts' in relation to our own ongoing dialogue on the best way to write erotica and erotic romance. The points raised echo everything we've been agreeing on. And I particularly liked that 'less is more' quote... I seem to have been reading this all over the place in the last few days re. erotic romance. More and more reviewers and readers seem to be observing that just shoving ever increasing numbers of kinkier and kinkier sex acts into a book does *not* automatically make it hot!

Sorry, got on my soapbox for a moment there... :)

Saskia Walker said...

Wendy ~ I agree, the dos and don’ts were spot on. I’m guilty of many of the crimes though. I should be shot for my use of modifiers alone! I think I might print it out and stick it on the wall behind my pc. Actually, it would have been nice to see that article in RT ;-)

I had tickets from one of Mitzi's classes when she was in Sheffield, must be 3 years back. Alas we lost our little cat, Lydia, to cancer that week and I couldn’t speak for five days, let alone function.