Saturday, January 28, 2006

An interview with me

Linda Lattimer recently interviewed me for the Fallen Angel Reviews site. It was fun! Linda made me think about stuff like my first ever novel (which I went about at the grand old age of 12.) I've still got what exists of that first effort and one day I'll have to get it online at my site, for fun.

I was excited to have the opportunity to chat about my writing. The interview is now online and here's the link: INTERVIEW.


ZaZa said...

How smart of you to save that. Mine probably got burned by my grandmother who was horrified that a boy and a girl kissed! Horrors.

raine said...

Great interview!

And congrats on being able to write full-time!
(...dreamy sigh...)

Saskia Walker said...

Zaza ~ it "survived" by sheer chance, rather than planning on my part ;-)

Raine ~ thanks sweetie, I'm so glad you enjoyed the interview. It IS a dream come true, writing full time, but I worked the other way for many years too. I've been at this since 96 ;-)