Friday, December 09, 2005

Introducing some other players who might appear on this stage

Taking a quick break from my big and final pre-edit edit. Um, yes that is what I mean. I’ve done the requested revision so I’m on my last trawl through for embarrassing typos and repetitions before the editor gets hold of it and wonders why the heck she bought this idiotic, messy book.

I thought I’d better introduce you to a couple of the names you might find mentioned here. Mark, otherwise known as The Real Life Hero or The Man of The House. Mark is my toy boy (big grin.) In his time off from being a toy boy he is a Customs Officer, so any jokes about rooting through my illegal contraband undies are courtesy of him.

The other creature we share our space with is Big Cat. What kind of a name is that, I hear you ask! She had that name when we adopted her five years ago – actually the same year the Real Life Hero moved in, guess I was in nesting mood that year. Big Cat’s big. That all I’m going to say on the name choice. I have tried to call her by several other much more exotic names like Sheba, and Cleo, both of which suit her, but she stared at me blankly. Big Cat rules. Here she is.

I suspect there will be incriminating photos of both these individuals posted here from time to time. The Man of The House may appear with a variety of hair colours, as is his want. As you can see, Big Cat does a nice line in condescending looks.


Jordan Summers said...

Congrats on putting the final touches on the book.

wendywoo said...

I wub yor puddy tat! [and I bet your bloke's a bit of all right too... ;) ]

I can't wait to read that book! I really can't... I bet it's fabulous! It's got to be if it's anything like the sample I've read already. When is publication? Or is that still under wraps?


Wendywoo... who would be bouncing around like Tigger if she didn't have the lurgi!

Sasha White said...

YAY!! You're on a roll. The kitty is so cute!!

raine said...

Came to congratulate you on your new blog--but I didn't know you'd sold to Heat!!
Congrats, Saskia!! And Big Cat's beautiful! (and very tolerant). ;-)

~Raine Weaver

Saskia Walker said...

Thanks so much for stopping by, ladies!

Jordan - I'm sure there will be lots more to edit, I'm just trying to minimise the fall out LOL

Wendy - at the mo it's scheduled for December '06. I'll say some more about it later. ;-)

Raine - oh, I'm useless at announcing myself, that's partly why I started the blog, to get practice. And Big Cat is indeed very tolerant with her slaves ;-)