Friday, March 02, 2018


I’m thrilled to share this beautiful noir-esque cover for my MASTERS AT MIDNIGHT collection, due out 3rd April. 
Daqri Bernardo – cover artist extraordinaire - has rebranded several of my BDSM erotic romance novellas, and this anthology cover is the icing on the cake! I absolutely adore the subtlety, elegance and glamour of it, it’s perfect.
The collection is available on preorder at all the usual suspects and will be out in print at the start of April. The idea is the anthology will be a lot cheaper for readers than buying the individual novellas, so it’s a good way for fans of kinkier ER to see what this author has got to offer.  When this one comes out it’ll be the 4th anthology of my previously published shorter work. (No one is more astonished than me! lol!) 
Here’s the blurb:

Masterful men and their willing submissives…
What does it take to create the ideal Dom/sub relationship? Women’s fiction author Saskia Walker explores the myriad moods, emotions and encounters that trigger power play in this series of raunchy BDSM novellas.
These stories are about meeting your sexy match, grasping life with both hands, and enjoying the wildest of rides. From ritualized and fetishistic pairings to spontaneous role playing, these are couples who click into place like the perfect set of handcuffs—offering one another the key to their desire with a willing hand—whether it be as a part of deeply romantic commitment, or the discovery of an exciting new sensual preference.

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