Thursday, January 04, 2018

Lovely new review for Trading Hearts!

Lovely new review for my #BDSM #romance novel Trading Hearts from the Reading Nook! I'm excited to see this one in the spotlight, it's a really special book to me, and I get into the depths of why BDSM is so important to these characters. 

Go here  to read the review. This series is now available as a one book read. You can find an excerpt and links here  

COVER COPY: In her master's arms she becomes pleasure incarnate…
 Naomi Kildare, a young Scottish fashion designer, travels to London to meet a renowned fashion buyer, but when the buyer is called away she meets Lucas Eaglestone instead. Lucas is tall, dark, and masterful – and he wants Naomi. He is a direct man, and he asks Naomi to surrender herself to him, totally.
 Lucas quickly unveils Naomi's true nature and at his hands she experiences sexual pleasures beyond her wildest dreams. She is enthralled by his physical and emotional claim on her, but she isn't willing to sell her own dreams in exchange for a decadent life as his willing submissive.
 Lucas wants Naomi more than anything and he would pull the stars from the sky for her if she would agree to accept them. He vows to win her, but first he has to make some big changes to prove to her that their Dom/sub symbiosis is precious and worth fighting for.
 Together they could be the perfect match but trading hearts is never that simple.
 Please note, this story was originally published in three parts: The Buyer, The Seller, and The Deal.

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