Sunday, June 25, 2017

Writing in the summerhouse....

I think I’ve posted about writing in our summerhouse before. My Real Life Hero, Mark, built it so I could be outside while I write, but not in the direct sunlight. We live on the side of a hill so catch a lot of sun in the garden and I don’t last long out there without shade. 

He’s insulated the walls and we’ve put our old sofas in there. The idea was I’d take my laptop with me (unplugged) and use the battery for a couple of hours at a time. Marvelous idea! But he keeps figuring ways to make things even better for me. That’s his excuse  I think he enjoys pottering with his “experiment.”  

Yesterday he fitted a solar panel (we already have one that runs a water feature) so that I can plug the laptop in while working out there. (photo taken at the end of the day when the sun moves round but this side of the summerhouse is in direct light all through the day.) It’ll also run the speakers he’s fitted in the roof space, Bluetooth, and….. a film projector. Lol! He keeps coming up with new ideas for the summerhouse. I swear we’ll be able to rent it out as a self contained property by the time he’s done. 

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