Saturday, April 22, 2017

Now available for preorder: REX

REX ( a stepbrother romance) is publishing on May 30th in print and digital formats,
and is now available for pre-order at Amazon. I'll post more info on the writing of this one, and snippets from the book on the lead in to publication. 

Rex Carruthers can have any woman he wants, but he wants only one -- his stepsister, Carmen Shelby.
 Their desire was once forbidden, and Rex walked away from his heritage as a result. Now, the reading of a will brings them back together, and Rex has something Carmen wants – his birthright, the stately home, Burlington Manor.
 Carmen Shelby is haunted by her desire for her stepbrother, Rex -- a dangerous, masterful player, the man who broke her heart. Then Rex makes an outrageous suggestion -- he will give her the Burlington Manor Estate, in exchange for the affair they were denied.
 To resolve the desire that haunts her, Carmen must risk her fragile heart and explore a new, submissive sexuality with Rex, a natural Dom. But while they thrash out their mutual passions, Carmen and Rex discover family secrets threaten and surround them. Carmen learns Rex is her true Master, but can he control the powerful forces that both drew them together – and threaten to tear them apart.

Please note: this book was originally published in 2014 with a different cover and under the title The Burlington Manor Affair.

Gorgeous cover art is from: Covers by Combs

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