Saturday, August 13, 2016

What I'm working on...

The third and final part of my Trading Hearts series is all done and it's now with my lovely editor. I can't quite believe it… I started this series at the end of 2014/start of 2015. The plan was it would be all done and out inside 9 months. The best laid plans and all that... Well you can't account for disasters you don’t know are going to happen! Last summer in hospital and the months of recuperation afterwards meant that for a while I didn’t think I'd ever be able to write again. I came back via an old story that'd been left on a back burner years ago, and it helped me. Then, as soon as I felt able to tackle it I returned to the Trading Hearts series. I loved this story so much…it called to me all along even when I wasn't able to answer it.
I'm so very grateful I've completed it. Readers have followed the story through, signing up for notifications and ordering the books in advance, and I'm just so happy I've managed to get it done. I love the couple, Lucas and Naomi, and now feel sad to say goodbye…. They may appear in a secondary character's story, we'll see  There are two maybe even three secondary characters nagging at me to tell their "Trading Hearts" stories too!
Once part three is out (hopefully late next week) the series will also be available as a print novel and a digital box set.
Now I've just got to decide what to work on next.. I've got a couple of project left half done, but these secondaries from Trading Hearts are jumping up and down at the edge of my imagination… demanding to be heard.. lol!

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