Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Seller – part two in my Trading Hearts series -- now available in Kindle edition.

The Seller – part two in my Trading Hearts series -- is now available in Kindle edition. (With many apologies to those readers who have been waiting for this one. It was due to come out while I was in hospital but had to be put on hold.) It's out on Amazon and will follow later on other retailers. Because of the long delay the launch price is 0.99c/p and will remain there until the weekend.  
Naomi and Lucas met in the business world.... and in part one of the series Naomi and Lucas negotiated their relationship in a business-like manner. Things are about to change! Emotions are involved, the past comes back to haunt Lucas, and suddenly the stakes are much, much higher...

In her master's arms she becomes pleasure incarnate… 
When Naomi Kildare met masterful Lucas Eaglestone a passionate affair sidelined her business and changed her life forever. She surrendered herself to him and at his hands she experienced sexual pleasures beyond her wildest dreams. 
Her BDSM master has now traveled the length of the land to win his woman and he won't let anything stand in his way. Naomi is enthralled by his physical claim on her but she cannot sell her own dream in exchange for a decadent life as his willing submissive. 
Together they could be the perfect match, but trading hearts is never that simple. 

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