Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Free read on Kindle: SEX, LIES AND BONDAGE TAPE

SEX, LIES AND BONDAGE TAPE is free for the next five days on Kindle. This a fun kiss-chase erotic romance set in London, and it's one of my favourite stories.

Here's the info:

Fitness instructor Kelly Burton is a woman on a mission, and this time it's sneaking backstage at a rock concert to get super star Clayton Warren's autograph for her friend. What she doesn't factor in is becoming privy to a big media secret, nor being captured by a sexy security guy who sends her pulse racing. 

Backstage security man Tommy Samson's specialty is sending rogue groupies on their way with a playful spank and a threat, but this woman is responding to his behavior in an entirely different way and very soon they're locked in hands-on-combat of an intimate kind, kicking off a sequence of crazy sex games back and forth across London. 

When Kelly wants to track Tommy down, she has to resort to being a 'groupie' all over again, shanghaiing Clayton Warren and doing a deal over his big media secret to get hold of Tommy's contact details. Kelly is a stubborn, independent woman who plays the men at their own games, but it only makes Tommy want more, and what Tommy wants…Tommy goes after. 

Erotic romance novella. Word count: c.36,000 

Please note: This title includes explicit m/f sexuality, BDSM and some m/m interaction. This novella originally appeared in the KINK anthology.

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Anonymous said...

Great book! The stories were hot and had good storylines. I loved it

Jeannie Ochoa said...

Great books!!

Saskia Walker said...

So glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for commenting :)