Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Things happen after a badedas bath..

Anyone out there old enough to recall the Badedas ads – “things happen after a Badedas bath”? :o) I grew up with those ads and they made a *huge* impression on me... really set the old imagination going.  ;) So much storytelling in each ad…and they ran for years.

When I got my new cover for RAMPANT it reminded me of those ads. I smile when I see it because the old Badedas ads are brought to mind.  

This novel is scheduled for re-release in July and it’s on preorder price for 0.99c until publication week. So if you haven't already read this one, you can reserve your copy cheap cheap! :)

Kindle UK:

Here’s the cover copy:

He’ll have a devil of a time resisting…
Grayson Murdoch only has one thing on his mind. Saving the Scottish fishing village of Carbrey from the dark magic of the local coven.  At least he did only have one thing on his mind, but not since Zoe Daniels moved into the cottage next door. Now he thinks about her much more than he should…and for a witch like Grayson that means sexmagick abounds. But there’s something odd about his gorgeous neighbor, and something sinister going on in that house. Something that might test his craft as a witch and test his control as a man.

A possession so strong…
Zoe Daniels has dreamt of a restful stay in Scotland for years. But Zoe’s peaceful trip is anything but. As soon as she arrives she’s haunted by erotic visions, visions so vivid she can barely look her sexy neighbor, Grayson, in the eye.  However it’s more than just dreams. There’s real danger in Carbrey village, and though she keeps telling herself she doesn’t believe in ghosts and witches and black magic, she can’t deny frightening things are going on all around her. If the rumors about her haunted cottage and the witch who lived there are true, the least of Zoe’s problems is her insatiable lust for Grayson.

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