Thursday, June 02, 2016

Anniversary on the horizon

I can’t quite believe it, but its coming up to twenty years since I sold my first erotic short story. I’ll have to double check, but it was late summer 1996 and the story was published in 1997 – that’s how long things took in the olden days! 
I’ll have to dig out the offer letter and share it. It meant the absolute world to me. I recall marveling over the lengthy paperwork.  I’d had work published in small press, fantasy fanzines and the like, but this was a proper contract with a big name publisher - Virgin's Black Lace “erotic fiction by women for women” – so I reasoned if I could write a story good enough for a contract, I could write more, and write longer. I kept going. Shortly after that Alison Tyler also published my work, then Violet Blue, then Red Sage.. Berkley.. and then Harlequin.. and the rest, as they say, is history. I’m still here (just about 
I'll have to find a way to celebrate the anniversary – I'll post the story here on the blog when the anniversary comes around and do some book giveaways.

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