Friday, November 08, 2013

A bundle of love

This bundle of fun is what has been keeping me away from the keyboard this past couple of weeks. Meet our 3 kitties! The tabby boy at the back is Ziggy Stardust. The Ginger and white boy in the middle is The Minion. And the little black and white girl on the left is Geisha Girl, our adorable little goth princess (she's obviously as good with her eye liner as I ever was ;o) Geisha really is a little lady and whereas her brothers are keen to treat toys like prey, hurl them around and batter them to death, she elegantly carries a jingle ball around in her mouth like it's her own kitten.

Even though they are very different in build they are all from the same litter. Their mum was a tortoiseshell who was abandoned and gave birth in a garden. They were given a second chance thanks to the work of the awesome Wharfe Valley Cats Protection League who we adopted them from. Their fosterer thinks that maybe there were 2 or 3 different dads involved, which would explain a lot.

It's hard to get a photo of all three sitting still and posing, but this was the first time they all tried to get on the lap together – much pushing and shoving and climbing over one another. They are very playful and affectionate and we adore them. I'll try to share a better snap soon.   

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