Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Publication news: the SUDDEN SEX anthology is on sale

Out early, a brand new collection of erotica! 

I have a BDSM story in this hot and steamy collection of shortie short erotica. This one is called THE POINT OF LEAST RESISTANCE. 

The editor of this new collection – that goddess of erotica, Ms Alison Tyler -- blogged the news with the headline "Suddenly, Sex! On Sale!" which tickled me no end. So, Suddenly, sex, is on sale. Yes! :) 

I adore this cover, one of the best clinches ever, and the book has a superb line up of contributors. Here are the details:

Maybe one of the hidden benefits of everyone being so darn busy is the rise of the quickie! No one writes fresh fiction on quick sex better than Alison Tyler who has probably inspired more time-efficient trysts that any other eroticist. Whether at the office with your boss, in a restaurant restroom or naughty nooners with your long-time love, Tyler's Sudden Sex will have you dialing up a booty call stat!
Alison Tyler says: "My favorite short stories brand new. Crisp and focused, taut and tight. The pieces in this collection are waiting for you to slide them on, button the fly, then turn and admire how well they fit your kink. Because—as everyone who knows me understands by now—I’m all about the kink. This collection features BDSM, spanking, toys, tools, girls gone bad and men who need it just as bad. I’ve assembled stories from writers I’ve worked with for nearly two decades as well as wordsmiths who are new to me. What do the pieces have in common? Each one maxes out at 1500 words. That’s not a lot of small talk. We’ve cut the awkward getting to know you phase and instead parked you right up at the point. We’re past first base, past second, on our way to third. His hand is under your skirt; her palm is on your cock—we’re all adults here—no need to fight the fact that sometimes what we crave is simple: sudden sex."
Take a breath. Bite your lip. Get ready to get off.

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