Friday, February 01, 2013

It's publication day for THE HARLOT!

The dark art of desire… 

At a time when the cry of ‘witchcraft’ leads to certain death, Jessie’s future looks bleak. Until one man offers her a way out of the gutter.
Gregor plans to mould Jessie into the perfect weapon: she will seduce – and destroy – his bitterest enemy. But in a society where innocence is for fools, Gregor fails to predict the shattering impact of his own sudden, forbidden craving… 

It's official publication day for the HQN books edition of THE HARLOT, and it's now on shelves in the US, the UK and Australia! Woohoo! Many of my readers have read this book in its Spice edition. This edition marks the release of all three Taskill books back to back, so if you’ve been curious about Lennox and Maisie Taskill's stories, you can find out very soon!

For readers who haven’t read THE HARLOT you can find chapter one and buy links here.

(US cover shown on the left, UK cover shown on the right)

The Smutketeers invited me to celebrate the launch of the Taskill series with them and you can find me at their blog today and on Saturday and Sunday as well. I'm giving away a print copy of each book in the series.  Click on the graphic to check  it out. 


Portia Da Costa said...

Wahey, contratulations on publication day!

I know that UK readers are going to adore this gorgeous book! :)

Casey Sheridan said...

Congratulations Saskia!


Saskia Walker said...

Thank you both for your good wishes!