Sunday, July 01, 2012

Re-release news: SORCERESS

My erotic fantasy romance novel SORCERESS is now available at a new price of $3.99/£2.99. (It might be slightly different at Kindle, where they control the end price.) The gorgeous cover is designed by Frauke at Croco Designs! It's perfect for the story and I can't stop looking at it :)

Their love affair is forbidden, dangerous, and unstoppable...

The Empress Elishiba has vowed to protect her people, even if it means marrying an enemy. But when the mysterious man known as Amshazar arrives as a spokesman for her future husband, her passion is ignited. Amshazar is an attractive and powerful man who is rumored to be a sorcerer, and he is allied to her enemy. Consorting with him would be disastrous. Why then does she let him arouse her and distract her from her goal?

Amshazar is a gifted magi and an envoy of the gods. Lusting after the Empress Elishiba wasn't part of his plan, and yet he cannot resist. Their connection is vital, their desire undeniable—but their forbidden affair soon captures them in a web of danger, a web where magic and romance weave their own vibrant and inexorable threads. As the enemy seeks to destroy Elishiba and all she stands for, Amshazar must fulfill his duty and empower her as a powerful Sorceress, whatever the cost.
Fantasy romance, c80K words. 

Go here to read an excerpt.

Now available for download from:
All Romance Ebooks
Kindle US
Kindle UK
and coming soon to other retailers

 ***Please note, this is a book that has previously been published with a different cover.

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