Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Witches, witches and more witches... a veritable coven, in fact.

Been quiet around here, huh?! Mostly it was because a whole load of stuff has been happening on the home front (necessitating a lot of routine changes) and then came crunch time on THE JEZEBEL, the third and final book in the Taskill Witches series. Jezebel is now on my editor's desk. Wooohoo! Everything is now crossed that my editor likes what I did with it. 

I loved telling Maisie Taskill's story and especially enjoyed bringing the three Taskills back together. The underlying story in this series is that these three Scottish siblings were torn apart as children when their mother was put to death for practising witchcraft. As adults they are living their lusty lives and hiding their craft in a time when witch hunts are still going on (although the series is set towards the end of this turbulant period in British history, when change is imminent and the laws on "witchcraft" are about to be changed.) The three Taskills are also trying to find one another again, but it's because of the lover they meet in their own story that they cross paths with their kin again. It was a joy to write books two and three, and I hope readers who enjoyed Jessie's story in THE HARLOT will love these characters and their unfolding tale as much as I have loved working on them. 

Next up will be my editor's revisions, then the final edits and into the hopper they go. Last I heard the books are scheduled to come out back-to-back on the HQN line in early 2013, but I'll update when I get confirmation from my editor. I'll also post about the various production stages.

I'm catching my breath now and looking ahead. Interesting plans for August to share! It's the 400th anniversary of the Pendle Witch trials, the largest and most sensational witch hunt in Britain.  It coincides with my birthday (I'm eleventy hundred and eight! :) so what better treat for me than to visit Pendle witch country and take part in some of the fab stuff going on for this anniversary?

We plan to visit some of the villages in the area as well as the courtroom where the trial was heard -- it's still an active court room! Also the judges' house, where the witch hunter stayed. I'll be sure to take pics whenever I can -- not allowed in the court building itself because it's an active HMP and courtroom, but lots of other stops will be snapped. Meanwhile, if you are far away and would like to check it out, you can do an interactive online tour here.

There will be shopping *grin* and supping of Pendle Witches brew, of course. We were hoping to visit the Moorhouse's brewery while we are there, (they have a super tour package) but alas we need to be a bigger group. Another time for that one, but rest assured we'll be imbibing in the local pub instead.

Something I can't do myself but coincides, is the launch of the Pendle sculpture trail, featuring commissioned works from four artists that chart the story of the witch trials, placed along one of the most popular walks in the area. You can read about that here.
So, after a rough few months on the home front, I'm excited about getting that booked. Can you tell? :o) The only problem is I'll probably come home wanting to write my very own witch story set in the eerie Lancashire countryside . Hang on, did I say problem? What problem? ;)

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