Wednesday, April 18, 2012

RT Booklovers Convention 2012

Here are some of my photos from the RT convention. The event was so hectic that I often forgot to take pictures, but these will give you a little flavour of the event and the venue. I also want to blog about two of the panels I attended that were a huge inspiration, WRITING STEAMPUNK, and URBAN FANTASY: KICK ASS HEROINES. It'll be a few days before I get to those as I'm still in recovery here, but I will get to them within a week or so. Meanwhile, some piccies!

First up, the card key for the rooms, sponsored by Sabrina Jeffries. Such a great idea, and we got to keep them as a souvenir.

My room at Hyatt O' Hare. A real sanctuary I have to say.

With a place to work too.

This amused me no end, TV screens embedded in the mirrors of the ladies.

All registered!

And ready for business.

With long time online pal, talented superstar Sylvia Day, at the Kensington Mixer.

With the lovely and prolific Cynthia Eden, who I've known since we were published at Red Sage together.

Here I am on the Total-E-Bound stand with publisher Claire Siemaszkiewicz.

With Claire and Heidi from Total-E-Bound.

All ready to go to the Total-E-Bound dinner party.

These are the author gifts we got to take home from the TEB dinner party. I forgot my camera but lots of photos were taken at this event by other people.

And talking of bags.. here is the convention bag (sponsored by Sylvia Day and Shayla Black) and my goth corset bag, which was much admired and asked about during the event. (In fact if I was as popular as my bag, I'd be a bestseller. ;o)

Here I am all ready for the Flapper party, wearing the lovely headress my buddy Portia Da Costa got me to take to the convention.

The Steampunk gaslight gathering was one of the best dressed events!

Loved every moment of this event.

We were even treated to mancandy of the steampunk variety. :)

And I won a prize! A beautiful hair slide, hand made and donated by author Deborah Schneider, along with two of her books. Such a treat!

This is Mindy, who won the Steampunk costume prize. Fabulous outfit, and such attention to detail!

And here I am, all steampunked. Heehee!

One of my highlights was attending a panel that included Charlaine Harris. Total fangirl moment! Here she is seated behind the table, chatting with fans and other panel members.

At my table for the ebook expo signing event. Got to meet so many readers at this event, it was amazing!

With table buddy and long time online pal, the awesome Shiloh Walker.

This is taken at the big Harlequin party on my last night.

The rose centerpieces at the Harlequin party.

And no trip to Chicago would be complete without a photo of the infamous automatic seat covers at the airport loos. We're in the future already!


Victoria Janssen said...

Thanks for posting pics!

Savannah Chase said...

Thank you for all the great pics. It looks like you had a blast.