Thursday, February 02, 2012

Where I've been hiding, and some reading recs.

It's been a heck of a while since I've done a proper update here. I've been hiding away in the writing cave, working on THE LIBERTINE (coming from HQN early in 2013.) Real life threw a few spanners in the works over the last few months so I had to go to ground to get the book done and in on deadline. Now I'm all fingers and toes crossed that my editor will like what I've done with the story. Eeek. *bighting nails*

I'll post a little bit about THE LIBERTINE (the 2nd in the Taskill witches' series, following on from THE HARLOT,) and how it turned out, in a few days when I've decompressed.

Meanwhile, I'm giving a shout out for some excellent reads I've enjoyed!

First up is the latest novel from Janine Ashbless, HEART OF FLAME. If you've read my blog before you've probably seen me raving about Janine, I love her work. This one is especially recommended if you enjoy fantasy reads set in ancient worlds, think Arabian Nights. It's a delight! Sorcery in ancient Arabia with romance elements, it's a real page turner and I gobbled the story up, loved every moment of it.

Jeremy Edwards is another author I always enjoy, not least for his marvellous sense of humour. In my opinion Jeremy is gifted at combining humour and erotic elements in a rollicking good story. No easy task. His latest novel, THE PLEASURE DIAL, is a real treat and it instantly zipped me out of my own head, when I wanted a break.

If you're looking for great spicey-hot shorter reads to download (the sort of naughty treat you can read during your lunchbreak or at bed time ;-} ) Portia Da Costa and Madelynne Ellis both have wicked new Spice Briefs out for February. Check them out here and here!

Happy reading!


Janine Ashbless said...

Wheeeeee! Thank you for the lovely recommendation, Saskia! Coming from you it means a lot!

Saskia Walker said...

It was a total pleasure! Definitely a keeper and one to re-read.