Sunday, January 01, 2012

A super hot freebie for the New Year from Portia Da Costa

My buddy Portia is offering AN APPOINTMENT WITH HER MASTER, a brand new to digital short story, FREE for two days via Amazon.

I've read this story and it is a super hot and sexy BDSM read, so follow the links below between 12:00 am Pacific Standard Time, 1st January and 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time, 2nd January to snag this edgy story of a young woman's initiation into the darkly delicious world of erotic domination and punishment.

Here's the blurb:

Shy, but secretly sexy and imaginative, Mary-Anne Green fantasizes about having her bottom spanked by a stern and powerful master, the beautiful, cultured hero of her wildest dreams. She longs to feel the hand of a dominant man upon her, punishing her flesh, then caressing it to the heights of exquisite pleasure.

It seems that these wild scenarios are destined to remain solely in her imagination, until one day Mary-Anne meets her dream master online. Their chemistry is electric from the very first moment, and their fantasies and desires a perfect, sizzling match. In email after email they share everything. Dark urges, wicked wishes... painted pictures of fiery, passionate punishment.

But what happens when Mary-Anne and her Master decide to meet each other? Will the delicious, painful magic survive the transition to reality? Will their intimate bond be all they hope for, and perhaps more?

Download from

Download from

An Appointment with her Master is also free to borrow from for the next 90 days, if you're a US Amazon Prime member.

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