Monday, January 02, 2012

The Hub - this is where I work.

On New Years day I gave my desk and office a tidy so I took a photo. Yes, this is my desk...after I tidied. :o)

I call it The Hub. Everything is handy and I know where to find it. I fell in love with the corner desk design when I saw it in Ikea. It's perfect for me. It doesn't follow any Feng Shui rules whatsoever, but it works really well for the space I have available. Even more importantly, the corner acoustics work well when I use my Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition software, which (because of my physical limitations) I wouldn't be able to work without.

Along the top shelf all my paperwork is within easy reach in box files. The magazine rack I mostly use for stationery supplies, and the shelf over the PC space has lots of my beloved knicknacks including my Rob Zombie action figure, Darth Maul, my steampunk hat, candles, my Bast cat, etc etc. No, of course these things aren't a distraction...why would you think that? ;^)

As you can see, the whiteboard is also full of fun and inspirational stuff (and, oh yeah, my deadlines list, the important part. lol!) and this gets updated every so often.

So, my January work schedule looks like this:

1. Complete current novel. 36,000 words to write, then edit and proof whole novel.
2. Write, polish and submit short story of 3K.
3. Do taxes.
4. Edit Faye's Spirit novel when it arrives from editor.

For many writers that wouldn't be a big work load. I'm constantly awed at how much some writers can produce, and how fast, but for me this is big and I'm trying to stay calm. ;o) I got behind because of real life chaos and much of that appears to be ongoing. Wish me luck!

In other news, I've got a free read coming up tomorrow, and I'll also be posting some reading recommendations -- I've read some great stories recently.


Anonymous said...

Great work space!

I have so much stuff on my writing desk my laptop is slowly being squeezed off. LOL!

Saskia Walker said...

Hey Casey, great to see you!

By the time I'm nearing the end of a project, I have to dig through scribbled notes to find my keyboard. lol!