Saturday, November 05, 2011

New Walk on the Wild Side Books read from Sasha White

Hey folks, no new release from me this month but Walk on the Wild Side buddy Sasha White has an exciting futuristic read for you. Check out the details and the striking cover.

Mavericks of Space Anthology
When Max Cooper, a "damaged" ex-Coast Guard officer, wakes up naked in a strange bed with no memory of how he got there, "alien abduction" is not what pops into his head.

It's Captain Tyla Natori's job to bring males from other worlds back to her own female-dominated planet to be put "on the market." When she finds a perfect male speciman in the form of Max Cooper, however, she decides he's the one for her...and he has no choice in the matter...Or does he?

Max made his choice to stick with Tyla and become a Transplant on Triton. Only things aren't going too smoothly, right from the start. Max wants to be Tyla's only lover, and for a Triton woman, monogamy is unheard of. Then there's the fact that the queen's ordered Tyla to marry a Durian prince in order to prevent a war.

Nothing brings two people closer together than facing a common foe, but can Max and Tyla stop the marriage and still prevent a war?

Abduction: 6,700 words Transplant: 6,591 words

"ABDUCTION by Sasha White is a quick sumptuous read that will have you squirming and wanting to abduct a love slave of your very own. Ms. White developed her characters quickly and solidly in an other worldly setting that you will want to visit again. - eCataromance Reviews

"Hot, fast-paced and erotic, the tension between Tyla and Max is sizzling. This sci-fi Erotica quickie delivers!" - Romance Divas

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