Thursday, September 01, 2011

Where I'm at, and a new recommended read to check out.

I haven't been on online much recently (not even on twitter, which is my most likely regular hangout these days,) so I thought I'd better say a quick hello. My online time is severely limited at the moment and I have a project to wind up in the next ten days. That has to be my priority when I'm at the keyboard. Once I get that done and submitted, I get to rest and recuperate for a whole two weeks in sunny climes -- a long awaited and much anticipated holiday! Yay!

Not that I actually sit in the sun of course, what with me being of a more gothic persuasion and all that (old habits are hard to break ;o) but there will be lazing around under an umbrella (coated in sun block) while reading, listening to audio books, chilling, and generally rebooting for the work that lies ahead (ie the next two novels in the Taskill witches series! Can't wait to get stuck in to that. :)

Meanwhile there's a couple of publications to mention. First up today brings a terrific new read from my awesome critique partner and friend, Portia Da Costa. Portia's new Spice Brief, ANOTHER CHANCE, is now available through the Harlequin site and the Mills and Boon site in the UK. It should arrive at other outlets in the coming weeks. I loved the story to bits, it's a rewarding emotional read as well as an incredibly sexy one too. Here's the cover and the blurb:

It’s been a long time since Maud Piper has had a lover, particularly one who can give her what she really wants: the masterful hand of a strong, powerful man. The sting of pain that turns into pleasure.

Only Maud’s late fiancĂ© had been able to satisfy her. Not even watching her employers at Blaystock Manor, the Marquis and Marchioness, in their own rough love play brings her the release she longs for—until she is caught in the act by William Graves, the estate’s ruggedly handsome steward. Can he give Maud another chance to experience the pleasure she craves?

The highly anticipated sequel to Portia Da Costa’s Chance of a Lifetime.

Go here for an excerpt!

More reading news and updates before I head off to the Med.
Meanwhile, hope all is well with you guys.

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