Monday, August 15, 2011

Publication day: PLAY FOR TODAY

*Please note, this is a rerelease of a previously published title.*

When I first started writing erotica one of the things I wanted to do was write plenty of erotic tales featuring committed couples, as well as those about the physical and emotional attraction between strangers meeting for the first time. In fact my second publication ever was a committed couple, "The Welcome Home" which appeared in the SEDUCTIONS anthology.

Today is showcase day at Walk on the Wild Side Books and this time the showcase title is my story, PLAY FOR TODAY. This novella is about a committed couple who are actors, and they are also heavily into sexual roleplaying in their intimate time together.

Here's the official summary:

Acting out their parts has never been so sexy…

Two upcoming British actors—Toni and Max—choose to take the slow boat to New York so they can learn their lines along the way. In the midst of a stormy sea, Max suggests they pass the time with a bit of sexy role play. As the rough seas take most of the passengers to their cabins, Toni and Max get into character for some erotic acting of the intimate kind. Soon their mutual desire collides with the forbidden affair of their characters—an inexperienced young woman and a wily seducer—with scintillating results.

10,000 words in length, contemporary erotic romance.

Please note: this naughty role play story has been previously published with a different cover. It contains frank language and graphic m/f sexuality.

This one is now available to read for just 0.99c (it may be a little more on Kindle US, and it's around 80 pence on the UK sites) Currently available from: Amazon, Amazon UK, ARe, and Smashwords. It will filter through to other outlets soon.

Here's an excerpt:

He lowered his head and kissed the curve of her neck inside the ruffed edging of her gown. The delicate touch sent wild electric threads darting under her skin. He stepped away, looking farther down the corridor at the opposite wall. He nodded his head in that direction. “How fortuitous, an auditorium.”

Toni looked up and saw that the double doors were marked with a sign announcing it was the ship’s cinema. She hadn’t been inside and was quite curious. She followed Max through the doors.

“Perfect,” he declared, gesturing at the small area in front of the rows of cinema seats. A heavy velvet curtain hung in front of the screen, panels of its fabric illuminated by spotlights that shone down from above.

“Step into the footlights,” he invited, “and I’ll allow you a chance to start over again in character.”

“You will allow me a chance, huh?”

“If you will keep slipping out of character…I’ll have to get tough on you.”

“Is that a promise?” She strolled past him.

He reached out and hauled her back in his arms, quickly outlining her breasts with one hand, leaving her breathless. Max was every bit as horny as she was. Then he kissed her, sudden and forceful, hauling her in against him. His tongue probed into her mouth, making her long for him to probe other places, too.

“We can’t really do this, not here, someone might come in,” she murmured when they drew apart, even though she clung to him, the feeling of his hard body against hers making her needy.

“Life is all about the risk, is it not?” he said, reminding her what acting was all about. “It is a risk that you have to take, Mademoiselle Isobel, if you want to become a woman.”

“You torture me with the possibilities.” Laughing nervously, she glanced at the illuminated window at the back of the small cinema, where she supposed the projectionist might appear at any moment.

He ignored her remark, apparently intent on pushing her on with the task. “Do you remember what we discussed yesterday, about their first time alone?”

The question leveled her somewhat. She nodded, took the first seat on the row and looked up at him as he towered over her. God, her lover was gorgeous. At times like this, she longed to hold him. He was her perfect match and her heart ached for him, as did other parts of her. Going into character was now crucial. “I fear I cannot eat the breakfast that you have brought for me, Gerard.”

“Are you ill, Mademoiselle?”

“It is a malady of some strange sort, yes, but not a sickness.”

His eyes were filled with certainty, so darkly sexy. “If it is the condition which I believe you are referring to, I feel sure that I have the cure.”

“Gerard,” she exclaimed, when he dropped to his knees and began to push her heavy skirts up from her ankles. His action wasn’t in the script. In the play, he asked her about her heart and whether it beat harder at certain times, as did his. Even though the suggestion of arousal was there all the time, their passion was realized behind a closed door. Not so in this dress rehearsal. He had his hand up her skirt already.

“Don’t worry,” he said. “Apart from the cook we are alone in the house, and she will not come up from the servant’s quarters.”

“Promise?” She glanced nervously at the doorway when his hands moved between her thighs, pushing her heavy gown up as they went, making her heart thud with excitement.

“I promise. Now, allow me to apply pressure to your…malady.” His hands rested around her stocking tops for a moment before pushing her skirt up to her waist, exposing her.

Available to read for just 0.99c (it may be a little more on Kindle US, and it's around 80 pence on the UK sites) from: Amazon, Amazon UK, ARe, and Smashwords. It will filter through to other outlets soon.

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