Monday, June 13, 2011

New print book, guest blogging, and other news!

Whoa, my to-do list is keeping me busy at the moment, but I've got some bits and pieces to share so I thought I'd take a few moments to blog.

First up, today is print publication day for HOLLY'S INTUITION (Book 2 in the Erogenous Zones series) Woot! You can now buy this one in print direct from Total-E-Bound in the UK, from in the United States and it will pop up on Amazon UK at some point too.

I'm working on book 3 of the Erogenous Zones series now, FAYE'S SPIRIT. For those following the series, Faye's story takes place a year later than the first two, and she's getting pretty peeved that her two sisters are having such a great time in their relationships and she has yet to discover the delights of a ménage à trois. So when she finds herself ensconced for the weekend with two gorgeous guys who both flirt with her, she decides to be bold and brazen and tell them about her sisters, just to see what it might stir up. lol! Faye is a naughty minx. ;-) Faye's story is very different to her sisters because both her guys are straight, but what starts as a hot erotic experiment leads to a steamy and emotional entanglement. Readers are giving such great feedback for the first two books so I hope Faye's story hits the spot too.

In other news, the ever charming Jeremy Edwards has sent me a photo of THE HARLOT out in the wild on bookshelves in Powell's City of Books in Portland, Oregon. This makes me so happy! Big thanks to Jeremy for making my day.

There was much excitement here when I heard that my 2010 novel, RAMPANT, recently won second place in the Write Touch Readers' Award Erotica/Romantica category! Woohoo! I'm delighted with this placing, especially being amongst so many great books.

Last but not least, I'm guest blogging over at Victoria Janssen's today, chatting about the joys and challenges of creating historical realism in THE HARLOT. Click here to check it out.

That's it for now. Have a great week folks!

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Savannah Chase said...

I started to read The Harlot and I love it..

You are so busy...Congrats on the print book...Getting a book in print is always so fantastic...