Monday, January 03, 2011

The watershed moment of a new year...

It’s the time of year for resolutions and goals. Mine are pretty much always the same: write better, write more, spend as much fun time with my loverboy as possible, be more social, and spend more time looking after my health. More like life goals than resolutions... Nevertheless, I like the feeling I get around the turn of the year, because that watershed moment is when I look forward and plan for the year ahead, and look back at what has been achieved (and what hasn’t!)

Looking back at 2010, I know I planned my fullest, tightest work schedule yet. It motivated me and I got heaps done as a result. However, I'll still be working on 2010 stuff through January, which isn’t what I'd planned, obviously, and that is a bit frustrating. Mostly it's because I don’t allow for illness and never leave myself enough elbow room around the hospital clinics that are part of my life. But….who wants to schedule illness and hospital stuff, huh?! Yeah, no one. ;-}

I did sneak the odd extra thing into my schedule, but most of all it was those things we don’t want to plan for that made my 2010 plans difficult to live up to. As far as work is concerned, the 2011 schedule is starting February 1st.

So, will I schedule time out for sickness this year? Will I heck! lol! Perhaps if I did I wouldn't get ill…hmmm. Maybe I'll just factor in a tad more down time between projects, and leave it at that.

I hope your year ahead is shaping up to be the best yet!


Portia Da Costa said...

Yeah, I'm hoping for a good 2011 too! With new projects and new ways of working, know what I mean? ;)

Happy New Year, buddy!

Saskia Walker said...

Happy New Year! Let's *make* it a good one. :)