Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year's day fun

Here's some fun for New Year's Day! I'm responding to a challenge from the awesome Alison Tyler to put some naughty and fun excerpts out there for readers.

Here's a playful snippet from my big book for 2011, THE HARLOT. This novel is set in Scotland in the early 1800's and Jessie, the protagonist, has been rescued from the gutter and hired to seduce Gregor Ramsay's enemy. The trouble is Jessie wants Gregor, she's rebellious, and she always thinks she knows best...

Jessie let out a startled cry, thoroughly delighted that he had captured her.

“You have just made this even more difficult on yourself,” he said, as he pulled her down onto his bed.

She had woken most eager to climb into his bed with him, and decided she would approach the problem in a much more direct manner—naked. The plan was to startle him with her appearance and then sidle under the covers with him before he had a chance to gather his faculties. He would be aroused in moments. How could she fail? It had taken some effort be brave and determined enough to approach him while in such a state of undress. It was rare that she was ever fully undressed, but she mustered the requisite boldness, sure that he wouldn’t be able to resist when she climbed in with him as he awoke.

He’d pounced at her before she had the chance.

Whatever did he mean that she had just made it harder on herself? It didn’t seem that way to her. Her body thrilled at the way he had reached for her. He rolled her onto her back, keeping her there with one hand. Pinned down that way, her body was arched over the hard rack of his thighs. Then she noticed that there was humor in his eyes. Was it a jest at her expense?

The way she was fixed was not what she had in mind. Her breasts jutted out and her intimate parts were on display. She couldn’t change her position or wriggle free.

With one hand on her collarbone holding her in place, he roved over her body with the other hand, handling her roughly, squeezing and testing her flesh in all her sensitive places. Even though she grew wary because of his comment, his actions made her body rise and melt, her nipples hardening and her cunny fast growing damp.

“You are so masterful,” she murmured, unable to hold back her response.

“In that case you should have no trouble obeying me.” Sarcasm rang in his voice. He continued to stroke and knead her breasts until she was gasping with pleasure, and then he stopped.

Jessie’s breathing faltered.

“Get up.”

When she didn’t move, he rolled her over onto her front, pushing her down the length of the bed. With her feet scrambling for the floor, she put her hands on the bed and pushed up. Staggering to her feet, she barely had the chance to straighten up and he was out of the bed and beside her.

“As you are so keen for your instruction this morning, we will have our lesson before I call for breakfast.”

Jessie stared at him, confused. “Whatever do you mean?”

He lifted his eyebrows. “You did not pause to dress, my dear. I can only surmise that you are very keen to be moving forward with your tutoring. Most admirable.”


He put one finger to her lips, silencing her. There was a wicked gleam in his eyes.
It made her gulp for breath.

She swiped his hand away. “But—”

“No.” he held her by the shoulders.

Then she felt the brush of his upright cock against her belly and her body thrilled. He did want her. Emboldened, she reached her hand down, and trailed her fingers along its length as she flashed her eyes at him. “The task you have in mind is not the one you mentioned last night?”

“It is.”

Her hand stilled.

He removed it from his person. “We will begin work now.” The look in his eyes forbade her to disobey. ”Then we can address the problems that arise.” He glanced down at her breasts, where her nipples were hard and poking out rudely.

The heat from that single glance of his made her dizzy. Even so, she was torn between the urge to disobey, and the urge to submit. Her physical response was very different. Heat traversed her body. She felt weak, as if her desire was sapping her strength. If she submitted, would he find her agreeable and satisfy the lust he so obviously felt as well? She could only hope so. Clinging to that notion she nodded, and forced out an agreeable response. “Yes, Sire. I will get dressed immediately.”

She went to turn away.

He stopped her with one hand locked around her wrist, tethering her to the spot.
“No. We begin now.”

Confusion swamped her. He couldn’t mean it.

She glanced down at his groin, where his cock was long and hard and arched up as far as his belly. “But...we are both naked!”

“Once again, a situation you have suggested by your arrival in that state.” He smiled most amiable like, and then led her to the table.

Smarting wildly, Jessie recalled what he’d said the night before, about her table manners.

He gestured at her to sit in the chair. “If you can portray humility and innocence in a state of undress, you will have taken a step forward. It will be a fine test of your acting abilities.”

“Surely you jest.” Horrified at the situation, she nodded at his pole-like erection deliberately. “I cannot act the innocent, not when presented with such a thing.”

Again she glared at his cock.

In all her days she’d never known a man so single-minded that he would deny himself the urge to come-off when it presented itself. Apparently he wanted to tutor her on how to behave, even though he was as hard as rock and ready for a tumble. The man clearly wanted to torture her.

Standing opposite her he rested his hands flat on the table and looked into her eyes. There was a wicked smile on his face. “I am entirely serious, believe me.”

“And you accused me of having no shame.”

He opened his palms as if innocent of her meaning.

He was mocking her. Jessie grumbled loudly and wriggled on the chair. She was far too aroused to act the part rationally, and her gaze kept roving back to observe his state of readiness for fornication. Besides, she had not seen him entirely naked before and now he was strolling about exhibiting himself with the utmost detachment. It was unbearable. From his broad shoulders and chest—dusted with dark hair—her gaze traveled down to where his cock sprung out, like a tree from the earth, tufts of dark hair adorning its base. Beneath that, his heavy sac made him look most virile. The shaft was long and rigid and arched up lewdly, the foreskin drawn back revealing the darkly swollen head. Her cunny clamored for it.

“Eyes up,” he instructed sternly.

The tone of his voice was so commanding that she shivered with arousal. She rocked her bottom on the chair as she straightened up and met his gaze, and the hard surface maddened her aroused flesh. “You are insane!”

“Sit up straight while you are at the table.”

She did so, but flashed him another angry look.

He examined her with mock disappointment, his own acting ability apparently made more wildly dramatic by the situation. “It seems I have to remind why you are here. As you so rightly pointed out a man of wealth and opportunity would prefer an innocent maiden. You assured me that you would be able to seduce him under those circumstances.”

“Not like this.” She glared at him, her fingers clutching at the table edge to keep her from storming off. She didn’t want to do as he instructed, but she did not want to leave, not now. With him looming so close over her, so darkly handsome while he issued instructions, meant all her thoughts were moving in an entirely different direction. He was an arms reach away, but he was denying them both. The fact that she was naked did not help her at all. She felt as if she had walked into a trap.

Jessie turned away and closed her eyes, shaking her head in disbelief.

“Do it, and you will be rewarded...” There was humor in his tone.

Her eyes snapped open.

He was grinning at her.

Excerpt from THE HARLOT. Read more here.


Alison Tyler said...

Hey S,

You are awesome! I love your writing so much — as you are well aware by my constant gushing. Thank you so much for getting happy with me in 2011!


Emerald said...

Lovely, Saskia! Thanks for sharing!

Jeremy Edwards said...

I'm wowed, as always, SW! You have such an inimitable way of conveying the emotions, sensations, and excitement of sexual tension. Everything you write is so rich and so right-on!

Saskia Walker said...

Thanks so much, guys! The Harlot is my bawdy book, and I had such fun with it.