Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Almost Christmas!

Hi folks, many apologies for the blog silence. I thought it best to put up a notice because I didn't seem to have any time for blogging. Between the winter workload, various things happening on the home front, snow and ice, and nasty icky winter bugs, I've been a bit stretched (to say the least!) To top it all I had family stranded at Gatwick these past few days. They are thankfully finally home again after having to postpone their holiday and battle home through severe weather conditions. Phew!

I can now confirm a few things happening on the writing front. I've completed the various stages of editing THE HARLOT, including proofing the AA (author alteration/galleys) pages earlier in December. Next time I see the book it will be in print. Exciting stuff! I've put the opening scene on my website here, and at Good Reads, where you can read it and leave a comment. I hope to have the final cover in the New Year. I believe the book will be available to reviewers via Netgalley in March.

Amazon(US) and Barnes & Noble in the US and Amazon in the UK have THE HARLOT available for advance order at a reduced price. If you use this feature, you'll get the book at the cheapest price that is on offer between now and publication, and you don't pay until it's sent out. At the moment, it's scheduled for May 24th. More news and cover as and when I have it.

Also in the pipeline is a new contemporary novel, a zany romance set in London and Yorkshire. This one is called MINDING AMY and you can read a bit more about it here.

In more publication news, MONICA'S SECRET has gone to print! This one has had some lovely reviews that you can read a couple of posts below this one. If you've been waiting for the print version, it should pop up on Amazon US and Amazon UK very soon.

I'm currently working on the second book of the Erogenous Zones series, HOLLY'S INTUITION, and it will be going to my editor in January. I'm still laging way behind, so I'll be squeezing a bit of work in over the holiday period to play catch up. In case you feel sorry for me, don't! :) It's actually better for me to keep going, even if only for a very short stint each day, as it's harder to boot up again after a break.

I hope you're all having fun in the run up to the festive season. Stay well! Stay warm! Read a hot book. :)


Jeremy Edwards said...

A "zany romance" with "madcap situations"? Written by the great SW?? Please tell Amy I can't wait to make her acquaintance! : )

Saskia Walker said...

:) Nothing as humourous as your topnotch writing, but it is a fluffy, fun story. Amy is my most ditzy protagonist. Her story had been unfinished for some time and then one day she poked me and said "hey you, let me get on with it and have some more fun" so I did. ;)