Thursday, October 21, 2010

PASSION trailer and a review

Hey folks, I'm back from my trip to Northumberland and I'm busy catching up on email and updates. Amongst the goodies is this yummy trailer for Rachel Kramer Bussel's new anthology PASSION: EROTIC ROMANCE FOR WOMEN. Check it out!

Passion also got a lovely review at Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews, and my story in the collection got a mention!

Talk about a collection of stories to make you squirm in your seat! Chilly fall night or a quick pick-me-up to get in the mood—this is the one...

First is Third Time’s The Charm by Charlene Teglia. This was my first foray into the world of Ms. Teglia, but it won’t be my last. The heat sizzles in this short little story of confusion and redemption. I loved Nick. He’s not perfect, but he’s honest and from the vision I got from reading the description, he’s yummy. Lynn came across as a bit cranky, but I understood and liked how she grew through the experience. Plus, who said elevator sex isn’t hot?

I also loved No Risk, No Reward by Saskia Walker. What if you had to say goodbye to the one person who made you tick, the one who got you out of yourself? Would you do something crazy? I loved how the narrator pined over the man she loved. It was sweet to read her reminiscing. I felt like I was there in the Land Rover with her, struggling to decide what to do about Cameron. He’s forthright, but it’s good because he takes charge. The ending left me sighing and panting. Yeah, it’s that hot.

Wooohoo! :D

Back to work tomorrow morning! More news from me soon.


Emerald said...

Congratulations indeed, Saskia! I'm really looking forward to reading your story (and once again, thrilled to be in another book with you)!

Saskia Walker said...

Hey, Emerald! I'm looking forward to reading yours too. I saw your name on the list and gave a Yay! I'm eagerly watching out for my postie. :)