Friday, September 17, 2010

What am I working on now?

After the summer of many deadlines I can currently be a bit more flexible and flip around between shorter projects I'm working on to break things up. Two novels have been completed and submitted this year, THE HARLOT and MONICA'S SECRET. Soon those manuscripts will be on their way back to me for revisions, edits, and proofing. I'm on standby.

I have two more big projects I want to finish before the year is out, but I'm not starting those until October. At the moment I'm concentrating on finishing up short stories, outlining my new ideas for the year ahead, editing a novella that has to be reworked, and doing admin stuff such as bringing my accounts and web site up-to-date. I confess I find it easier to pull away for revisions when working on small projects, so I will maintain that pattern until the end of the month.

October through to the end of the year I hope to complete two short novels, HOLLY'S INTUITION, and FAYE'S SPIRIT. These are books 2 and 3 in the Erogenous Zones series, the stories of psychic sisters Monica, Holly and Faye Evans. I'm eager to get on with book 2, Holly’s story. Holly's psychic ability is subtle, but undergoes a massive change when she keeps a neighbour alive following a car accident. From that point on she is deeply connected to him, and that means she sees and experiences what he does during moments of passion. Holly’s neighbour is bisexual, and as she gets involved with him, she also gets involved with his male lover…and she has to tell them what she's seen, and felt…It's going to be an interesting one! :) I can’t wait to get started.

Over the next couple of weeks I'll also be posting some background about the “world” of RAMPANT here at the blog -- why I write Scottish witches, some notes about the artefacts that exist from the time of the Scottish witch trials, and thoughts about the Fife landscape and coastline. If you enjoyed RAMPANT this will be bit of background information that you might find interesting.

To finish today, a quick reminder that if you are a USA or Canada resident, you can enter the eXcessica scavenger hunt for your chance to win a kindle. Go here to find out more.

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Anonymous said...

You are one busy lady! If I don't hear from you in a while I'll be sure to look under the pile of papers. =)

I am looking forward to all your info around Rampant. It sounds fun and very interesting.