Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Waving at you!

Hi folks! I’m just peeping out from behind the monitor again, waving and blowing kisses. I’m going to be stuck here with very little online time through July, but then I’ll be caught up on myself.

I’m currently working across two novels. It just sort of happened. I was pondering a scene in one, and opened the other. I've had both open ever since, editing on one and writing the other, flitting back and forth. Normally I’d spend a solid batch of time, (like a couple of weeks at least) on one, and only close it if I needed to work on another. This isn’t something I’ve ever done before - - with a novel and a short story, yes, but I didn’t think I could have two novels on the go. It seems to work for freeing up ideas…i.e. when I get stuck on one I move to the other. lol! It may be because they are completely different periods and settings that it refreshes me. Anyway, I’m not complaining because it's working, if only for the time being. If that changes you may hear a big bang, and that'll be the sound of my head exploding.

I’ll share some snippets from the stories I’ve been working on soon!

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