Thursday, May 20, 2010

Drive by catch up

A quick drive by catch up. We’re off to North Wales for a short break today, much anticipated!

This past week has been busy. I’ve been working on edits for SORCERESS alongside some more research for THE HARLOT.

SORCERESS is all done and off to the proofer, yay! It’s around 10K longer than the original version of this book, and there’s a deeper focus on the romance. I’m excited about it coming out. Just a few weeks now!

On the research front, I had a very fruitful trip to Leeds City Museum, which has a super collection including many artifacts from the early to mid 1700s. I was able to check out some great accessories from the period I’m writing in—a whalebone corset, shoes, gloves and a glorious tricorne hat—and generally get a bit closer to the past. I guess it’s the art historian in me, I always feel a bit more confident adopting info from the period (artifacts, paintings, sculpture and literature produced in the period) than using someone else’s account of them. It's just me, cos that’s what happens when you spend two terms studying historiography—it haunts you forever. :o)

Which reminds me, I’ve still got some bits and bobs and photos of items from the time of the Scottish witch hunts to share from my research trip to Edinburgh. I'll make a note to share those when I get home.

Got to dash, off to Wales! See you in a few days.

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