Thursday, April 01, 2010

It's official publication day for RAMPANT!

It's official publication day for RAMPANT!

The book has already been spotted on bookshelves in the States, and on Amazon and Amazon UK. It's now also available direct from Harlequin, and from Mills and Boon in the UK!

It should pop up on Fictionwise and other ebook retailers soon.

Possession is only half the fun...

The moment she arrives at her rented vacation cottage nestled in Scotland, Zoë Daniels feels it--an arousal so powerful she's compelled to surrender to the unusually forceful carnal desires...with nearly anyone who crosses her path. Crawford Logan, the boat builder with the wayward grin. The devilish restaurateur Cain Davot, who seems to know more about Zoë than he lets on. And even her sexy neighbor Grayson Murdoch, whose eyes delve deep into her soul as he explores every inch of her body.

Yet there's something unsettling about the way the locals watch her, something eerie about these overwhelming encounters. Zoë knows she's not quite in control of herself and begins to wonder if there's any truth to the legend of Annabel McGraw, a powerful, promiscuous eighteenth-century witch who once owned the cottage, and whose spirit is rumored to affect anyone who stays there. Zoë doesn't believe in anything that even hints at the occult, but now strange visions are turning frightening...and only one man's touch can bring her back to earth.

"Imaginative, sizzling-hot and by turns creepy and humorous, this one is definitely not to be missed. Hero Grayson is simply delicious -- and like the book, irresistible!" 4.5 stars and a Top Pick for April 2010 at RT Magazine!

"Rampant is suspenseful, sexy and exciting. Ghosts, witches, white magic vs. dark magic and true love combine to make a page turner that’s hard to put down. ... Rampant is a thrilling hot read that’s just the thing for a cold night." 4.stars from Manic Readers

Go here for an excerpt! If you pick up the book, I hope you enjoy the read!

I'll pop up with other bits and pieces today. We're in celebratory mood here!


Maree Anderson said...

Congratulations on your latest release, Saskia! This one looks freaking awesome. Spooky sexy fun.... fantastic!

Saskia Walker said...

Thanks so much, Maree! I'm very excited about this book going out. I had a lot of fun with it. ;-)

Victoria Janssen said...


Saskia Walker said...

Thank you! :)