Friday, January 08, 2010

Do you want to write erotica?

Then you might consider checking out the upocming class offered by the very talented Shanna Germain. Here are the details:

Sexy On the Page: Writing, Editing and Selling Your Erotic Fiction

Six weekly classes: February 1 – March 8, 2010

Has it always been one of your dreams to write erotic fiction? Or perhaps you already write erotica, but aren’t sure if you’re doing it “right.” Or maybe you just want to get better — and start submitting your stories and getting that sought after “Yes!” from publishers and editors.

Sexy On the Page helps beginning and intermediate writers go from “I wanna!” — whether it’s “I wanna’ write” or “I wanna get better” — to “I am!”

During this six-week class, weekly lessons will provide inspiration and ideas, exercises, suggestions for stretching your boundaries, and tips for improving your stories and your craft. We’ll also look at publication options and opportunities. Because we’ll be walking through erotica writing — starting with ideas and inspirations, progressing through characters and plots, and finalizing with getting those stories written, edited and sent off — you’ll be doing more than just learning. You’ll be accomplishing. Students will leave class with a number of story starts and ideas, half a dozen drafts, and at least one finished, ready-to-submit story.

You will have a weekly writing assignment, which will be shared with other class members via the blog. For my part, I’ll be offering guidance, answering your questions and giving you feedback on your pieces (both in terms of craft and in terms of possible publication opportunities). The blog allows an open, active format just like a traditional, in-person class. One thing to know: Everything on the blog will be password protected, allowing only other students to see the lessons, the comments and your work.

What do you need? You need a desire to write erotic fiction, but you don’t need experience. This class is designed to help you improve no matter what your level of experience. You must be able to use WordPress (you don’t need your own blog — you just need to be able to comment on this one) and you must be able to use Word documents. Ideally, you will also provide me with a short bio and a photo of you (or something that represents you) so that I and the other students can get to know you. Lastly, just like in a real class, you must agree not to share the lessons or the work of other students with anyone outside the class.

How Will You Learn? Classes will be ‘taught’ via the blog and email. Lesson plans and assignments will be posted each week, with additional tricks and suggestions posted during the week. You will receive guided feedback on your work from both myself and from your fellow students.

Cost: This class is being offered for a one-time introductory rate of $125 (the cost in the future will typically be around $200). Students may pay via Paypal or check.

Questions? Ready to register? Visit the website at or contact me at shanna dot germain at gmail dot com

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Shanna Germain said...

Thanks so much for that, Saskia! I really appreciate it.

Loving the excerpts of the new book -- huge congrats!

Best, s.