Monday, December 28, 2009

Let it snow?

It went like this: snow, snow, ice, freezing fog, mist, more snow and more ice… It was Christmas card pretty, yes, especially when it wasn't foggy because we had glorious blue skies, but the weather wiped out a lot of our holiday plans. We had a good one nonetheless. Hope you did too! We’re making ready to welcome in the new decade now.. and the weather looks to be very wintery again. Brrr.

In writing news I’m delighted to announce I have another erotica anthology on the way from eXcessica later this year. UNASHAMED is a collection of short erotica focused on characters pushing boundaries. From first love explorations to raunchy threesomes and committed couples, this one is going to be a very naughty collection indeed! It’s set to be published in August. Mmm, August sounds good, it sounds hot. ;-) Meanwhile, on the work front, I’ve got several small projects left to finish up before January begins, when I’ll be totally focused on THE HARLOT.

Here’s a holiday smile for you! One of the best TV shows I caught over the holiday was a collection of internet virals, many of which I hadn’t seen. If you haven’t already seen it, I guarantee you’ll smile if you check out the sneezing panda clip!

Keep warm!

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