Friday, September 11, 2009

Violet Blue podcasts my erotica!

Exciting news here! Sex educator, blogger, writer and editor, Violet Blue, has podcast another one of my stories!

Violet previously podcast my short story "Richard's Secret" (go here to find that one) which had appeared in her TABOO: FORBIDDEN FANTASIES FOR COUPLES. Hearing it aloud was so delicious, I had to go have a lie down... Grin.

Violet has now podcast another of my works, a story she selected for her recent anthology GIRLS ON TOP. It's the most amazing experience for me, hearing this gorgeous, multi-talented woman read my work aloud!

This is Violet's intro:

Here's another favorite from Girls On Top, "A Woman In His Room" by Saskia Walker. This story is so delicious I actually get quite flustered while reading it -- and after as well. If you like my less polished reactions to the material, you'll like this; and it's a seriously arousing, explicit story by a very gifted British author. In it, a young woman fantasizes about a boarder in her parent's home, only to come home one night to discover she't not the object of his affections. What happens next is quite surprising. Enjoy!

I'm blushing and grinning all at once. Go here to find the new podcast!

OH! I should probably point out that this is explicit adult erotica...You've been warned!

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