Monday, September 14, 2009

Revisions and schedules

The first day of revisions on RAMPANT went like this: I opened the file that had been sent at the end of November last year, and started by going in to change a small thing in the middle of the book. Then I started reading...and I ended up reading the whole second half of the book. It was only after I’d read the second half of the book that I realised the first thing I need to do is read the whole book, cos it’s so long since I wrote it. :o)

Ahem. Tomorrow is another day, right?

In other news, if any Red Sage Secrets readers are stopping by, I have news of Volumes 28 and 29! As I’ve previously posted, I have a novella in Volume 29, SWEET-TALKING THE OPPOSITION. This one is a contemporary story and it will be my 4th for Red Sage, a fact of which I’m very proud! Volume 28 is coming out in December (so watch out for that one!) but volume 29 is being held over until July next year. I'm guessing that’s going to be another one I’ll have to reread before edits. lol! It’ll be headed for 3 years since I wrote it! Yikes. Now that makes me realise how long I've been working with Red Sage, and I was already feeling ancient today.

Right, back to reading what I wrote, remembering, before I try to revise it… :)

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