Saturday, March 07, 2009

Hotels and sex! New interview online

As part of the celebrations surrounding the publication of the erotic anthology: DO NOT DISTURB: HOTEL SEX STORIES, editor Rachel Kramer Bussel has been interviewing the contributing authors about hotels and sex. My interview is now online! You can read it by clicking on the banner below.

The anthology is now available online and at good book stores. Click on the book cover below to purchase from


Emerald said...

I really liked that interview, Saskia. Thanks!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Do Not Disturb is great, and I love your delicious story—it's really full to the brim with the sweet adrenaline rush of lust!

I also very much enjoyed all your sexy hotel reminiscences—and the picture of you at the Portobello!

Saskia Walker said...

Thank YOU, Emerald! It was fun interview. Rachel is so good at this sort of thing.

Thanks Jeremy! I should point out that it's an old photo. :) It was about 9 years ago.