Monday, February 23, 2009

New publication: RUNNING WILD

As seems to be the way with me and my new publications, I have a batch of them clustered together, and then nowt for months. Jan to March = lots. After March, quiet until December. Just how it works out.

So what's up next? RUNNING WILD - a short erotic novella (long short story?) is published today as part of the "Lust Bites" series by Total-E-Bound.

SUMMARY: When corporate executive, Tomas Flint, challenges his solicitor Alexa Wainscott to a back-to-nature sexual interlude, she envisages a hot tryst in the long grass. She's always been intrigued by Tomas, and agrees to his challenge.

But Tomas has hidden depths, and Alexa soon learns that he means to set her free in the wild, then track and hunt her down in the forest, capturing her, introducing her to the untamed sexual persona that exists inside them both.

Reader Advisory: This book has hot and steamy bondage, domination, chase and capture.

Go here for an excerpt!


Victoria Janssen said...

Congrats on the new publication!

Portia Da Costa said...

This one sounds fantastic! What a concept... Rowr!

Saskia Walker said...

Thank you, Vickie! btw I'll be posting comments on The Duchess in a week or so, enjoyed the read!

Why thank you, Portia! I felt almost politically uncorrect at certain points of writing it.. LOL! Unusual for me. ;-)