Friday, January 09, 2009

Work in progress

So I'm loving my work in progress, tentatively titled INESCAPABLE. This story has been incredibly vivid in my mind, with a character dynamic that is intense, and very much about seduction and challenges. I outlined and wrote a couple of chapters way back at some point last year, and then it went on hold while I wrote RAMPANT. I was excited to get back to it, but a bit unnerved, too. I had been so engaged with the characters, then had to push them out of my head. Would they come back to me?

I needn't have worried, they are right there again, clamouring for attention. It's all good. :)

The story is a contemporary, just in case anyone is wondering. I'll aim to get a sample up on my site before the end of the month. I'm planning to have the MS completed by the end of March, and for the first time ever I seem to be writing about the season I am in. Most of my longer stories have been set in summer and autumn, but I'd always wanted to write a winter "hideaway" story involving a secret location and danger, lust and log fires. :) Early images of INESCAPABLE proved it was the one!

Got to dash, heaps to do and...Friday is date night - yay!


Elle Amery said...

Can't wait to read your latest - I'm sure those characters will be glad to get out of your head and onto the page!

jax said...

Sounds yummy! I love winter-themed stories but summers are always good for some hot fun scenes. I know that I've had to push stories away to work on something else, but you always get that spark of excitement back ... I bet it'll be great, just like all your other works! :)

raine said...

I LUV the kitty picture, lol. :)

And good luck with the new project. Winter hideaway stories are yummm.