Sunday, October 12, 2008

WiP --> half way point progress report

A few days ago I passed the 200 page mark in the current work in progress, Rampant. The completed novel will be around 400-440 pages, so it’s going well and I'm happy.

It’s been a while since I’ve been immersed in a really big project like this, and I’m revelling in it! I love writing, and the most magical moment for me is when the obligation to work on anything else to do with the job fades away and I can honestly say that the WiP and the contract deadline are the most important thing on my timetable. I’m cherishing that feeling, I always do.

When people ask me what I love about the writing process, one of the things I talk about is the organic nature of a really big story. Even if a novel is plotted out in detail there are things that crop up as gifts along the way. This story has three distinct strands that are weaving together for me. I thought it would have two dominant threads. I have the good guys and the bad guys, but I also have a third story weaving in that is larger than I thought it would be to begin with. The plot revolves around a ghost, and she has her own history. She’s a clever, vengeful, and mischievous spirit, and she’s got an agenda of her own. She's the catalyst character for all the other characters, as it were. I estimate that 10% of the novel is given over to visions that she opens up for the heroine, and writing those scenes is something I have enjoyed immensely.

Anyway, I must get back to it, or I don’t get my reward -- a glass or two of wine and Evil Dead 3, (that’s the medieval one, and it’s a complete and utter hoot! :)

PS: I'm a wee bit behind on email so if I owe you a reply, I'll get to it v. soon.

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Portia Da Costa said...

Wahey, on passing the half way point! I've reached it too, with my WIP.

Rampant sounds fabulous, and it'll be a very rich and compelling storyline. I can't wait for this one!