Wednesday, August 13, 2008

12 things I will try to keep in mind about attending an RWA conference

1. Expect startling amounts of noise. Not bad noise, but lots of noise. Hundreds of excited women chattering creates a disorienting din, especially when bouncing off marble walls and floors.

2. It’s much more exhausting than you could ever imagine, there is too much going on, and not enough time to do as much as you would like. You are *not* Wonder woman and you will need a full days rest after travelling around the clock. Face it and be ready!

3. The most delicious meal in the world may not tempt you if your body thinks its 4.30 am.

4. Use the camera more!

5. Allow extra time to get from place to place, (especially if it involves elevators,) and keep in mind that there will be people you want to talk to (or at least say hello to) along the way.

6. Packing plenty of snacks to grab in between times or when a meal is missed is a very good thing!

7. Packing half the medicine cabinet is reassuring and often helpful, but chances are you won’t have that one vital thing you need when the time comes.

8. It’s pointless packing stuff like eyelash curlers. There isn’t enough time for such fripperies.

9. Brainwashing yourself that you will not be able to collect lots of books at the event because of airline weight restrictions is a very good thing.

10. Planning to sleep on an aircraft? Haha. Forget it.

11. If the maids start giggling and look entertained when you answer the door, you should probably be wearing more clothing.

12. It’s hard and it's exhausting, but it's the best mixture of business, social and networking opportunities a romance author could possibly wish to be part of!

If anyone would like to add to the list, please do so!

Update! One more I forgot to include (a baker's dozen!)

13. The RWA conference is not just six days away from the desk. It takes up much more time than that in preparation and getting back to normal. That has to be taken into account on the writing schedule.


Portia Da Costa said...

Wonderful list! We've learnt so much this first time around. We'll be better prepared for the next trip now. :)

Am still giggling over those giggling maids... LOL

And me forgetting to draw the curtains at the airport hotel... with my room overlooking the main bar, goodness knows how many cocktail drinkers I flashed!

Saskia Walker said...

LOL! I forgot about that. Luckily we have the jetlag to blame for bad behaviour. ;)