Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Yay! Best of the worst covers :)

It tickles me to bits, really. I suppose because it's one aspect (or one of several aspects...) of a book we can't control, so I can be objective and enjoy, and because it's so interesting to learn what readers think about these things. KINK has come off as the best of the worst, ie the least people voted for it to win the wost cover of 2007 award. See all the covers and read the hilarious comments here.


Dakota Rebel said...

I love this cover. I have since the first time I saw it.

Thanks for the link. Holy crap "Big Spankable Asses." Really? Wow. I mean, between you, me, Sommer Marsden and Alison Tyler, I think we may have come up with that title. But I am not sure if any of us would have written. Maybe if ALL of us contributed...

Hugs and...um, congrats? I guess. LOL.


Saskia Walker said...

LOL! Thanks, Dakota.