Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Romantic Times convention, book cover models, and heroes

I'm being a bad blogger, I know. I confess that the time I've had on line over the past week has been spent reading news from the Romantic Times convention and ogling photos. Attendees have been very generous with sharing the good times and I for one appreciated it hugely! Some of the reports and photo collections I've been checking out: Gennita Low, Lauren Dane, Sasha White, Lillian Feisty, and Megan Hart. Thank you, ladies!

We’re seriously thinking about RT in Orlando next year, it looks like a fun meet. I read rumours of tiffs, but tbh it didn’t bother me. I’ve been to a lot of “special interest” events that involve booze and dressing up, and they invariably involve some drink-addled antics and a bit of a punch up. It’s human nature. The half-done hotel renovations and plaster dust worried me more.

One of the things that interested me is how all these lovely ladies know the names of the cover models for the romance novels. So much fun! It’s another world I haven’t even thought about. Well, that’s not entirely true. Timothy Lantz, who does the Juno covers, is very good at attributing his models, so I know that the lovely lady who modelled for both my Juno covers is Mira Noir. She has a portfolio online but it’s down right now, otherwise I’d link.

However, what occurred to me over the past few days is that someone might recognise the models on my forthcoming RECKLESS cover, which I LOVE to bits. It’s just perfect for the book. Should I know who this hunk is? :) Is there anyone out there who can name the bare chested guy sweeping my heroine into the almost-kiss here? :)

Oh and talking of heroes, happy St George’s Day everyone! :)


Lauren said...

Oh I'd love to meet you!

AuthorM said...

ORRRRLANNNNDDDDO!!!!!!! (and NOT the one with Billy Zane, though I do love me some Billy Zane...)



Lillian Feisty said...

Oh, I hope you come, Saskia!! And doesn't Roberta live somewhere over there? LOL.

Sasha White said...

You MUST come!!

We'll have so much fun!

Saskia Walker said...

Oh, I feel all warm and fuzzy now :D Thank you, ladies! All being well, will be there. :)