Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Knee-deep in html

Friends and readers, is there anything else you’d like to see on my website? There’s a new site in the works, so if you have any requests now is the time to send them my way!

My job at the mo is to freshen and tidy up all the internal content, check links, and so on. We're getting rid of some pages and adding a few new features, such as a printable book list. The new design is going to be much more streamlined and user-friendly, with more of a focus on the stories. I’ll be able to add bits of info about the places I’ve set the novels and so on.

Meanwhile I’m writing in my head (no honestly, :-) It’s always this way with short stories for me, I work the entire thing out in my head then sit down to pour it out. And we’re off to see the wonderful Omid Djalili tonight, live at Leeds City Varieties. I’ve heaps to do before then, yikes.

Have a great day!

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